Tile Cutter for Large Formats: Which One to Choose?

The tile cutter for large formats, such as porcelain tiles, is the main tool for professionals who want to lay this coating with high quality. But, which one to choose? Or better yet, how to make the selection of this equipment? In this text, we will solve your main doubts on the subject and also […]

What not to do during flooring installation?

Flooring installation is the main activity of a tile installer. However, after years of experience and repetition of the task, it is possible that some steps have been forgotten or overlooked. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the main practices that should not be disregarded during this phase. Keep reading to also check tips […]

Why is it necessary to be careful with mortar preparation?

Mistakes during mortar preparation tend to be the main causes of damages in flooring installation. Carelessness in this stage results in harm to the process’s lifespan. And, consequently, to the professional’s reputation. To eliminate this problem, keep reading. In this text, we’ve gathered the main impacts of poor preparation and tips on how to ensure […]