Tile Cutter for Large Formats: Which One to Choose?

The tile cutter for large formats, such as porcelain tiles, is the main tool for professionals who want to lay this coating with high quality. But, which one to choose? Or better yet, how to make the selection of this equipment? In this text, we will solve your main doubts on the subject and also provide tips on how to acquire the best tile cutter.

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Why Invest in a Tile Cutter for Large Formats?

The tile cutter for large formats is a fundamental tool for professionals who are updated with the main demands of the market. This is because large-format porcelain tiles have been a constant trend in the construction industry in recent years.

According to Expo Revestir, in 2023, large-format models continue to gain prominence. That is, major brands continue to invest in the development of this product.

According to the event’s portal, the explanation is that this type of coating creates visual continuity, making it the perfect base for projects. When it comes to aesthetics, they usually stand out compared to other options.

Large formats promote beauty due to their perfect reproduction of coatings, such as marbles and other materials. Moreover, they offer practicality and a unique look in pieces that can exceed 3 meters.

The super format, as it is also known, can provide a sense of spaciousness to the visual aspect of any environment. This feature attests to its great versatility of use.


High Cutting Performance and Reduction of Losses

However, it is essential to pay attention to this type of material during application. It is necessary to have suitable tools, accessories, and equipment to avoid losses, waste, and unnecessary expenses.

After all, due to their size, it is natural that the displacement and handling of these pieces are more challenging than conventional ones. Therefore, every care is needed to avoid losses and customer dissatisfaction.

For this reason, a good handling system and a tile cutter for large formats are indispensable for tile installers who want to specialize in this practice.

Remember that by perfecting the process of laying this coating, it is possible to gain greater market prominence. This technique requires expertise and a high level of professionalism.


Which Tile Cutter to Choose?

To help you choose the best tile cutter for large formats, we’ve gathered some criteria. Here is the list:


Cutting Capacity

As mentioned earlier, the main large-format coatings on the market can reach up to 3 meters. So, during the selection of the cutter, it is ideal to evaluate, initially, its cutting capacity.

Opt for those capable of making cuts based on this average of 3 meters. This way, you can ensure that your equipment will efficiently cut the main models available on the market.

It’s also important to study the cutting capacity concerning the thickness of the pieces. As large-format tiles are typically up to 8 mm thick on the market. This is because the smaller and lighter the tile, the easier it is to install.


Cutting System

Next, it is crucial to evaluate the cutting system of the tile cutter for large formats. There are numerous models that employ various techniques for optimal cutting.

The key is to analyze the rail, agility, productivity, quality, and accuracy.

A tip is to choose those with a guide carriage to adjust the clearance between the bearings and rails. This way, you can ensure a more precise cut, reducing waste and promoting an excellent finish during installation.


Accompanying Accessories

Finally, evaluate the accessories that come with this cutter. In most cases, for the separation process of the coatings, specific pliers need to be used.

So, check if the equipment comes with pliers and other accessories that contribute to the quality of the work.

It’s worth noting that it’s important for the pliers to have rubber protection at their point of greatest effort. This way, the separation of the coating will occur with greater safety and firmness.


Get to know the Cortag Tile Cutter for Large Formats.

Cortag offers a tile cutter for large formats that meets all the criteria mentioned. The equipment belongs to the Infinity Line, a complete category of solutions designed for this type of coating.

This line includes a workbench, movement systems, transport system, separating pliers, and accessories such as rails and suction cups. To learn more about these products, click here and access the Launches of the Infinity Line.

Currently, the highlight of the line is our tile cutter for large formats. This is a professional solution for tile installers who want to excel in the installation process of these pieces.

Like the other solutions, it was developed based on innovation and Cortag’s careful consideration of market demands.

This equipment is ideal for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles up to 8 mm thick and up to 3.40 m in length. This is with the standard rails because with new rails, the measurements are extended.

As recommended, the guide carriage of this cutter has an adjustment for clearance between the bearings and the rail. This allows for straight cuts and quality finishing.

It is made with titanium-coated carbide for greater resistance and durability. The modular rail of this cutter is made of anodized aluminum with guide pins. The component has a length of 1.2m, not including the pin.

In summary, the Cortag Infinity Cutter comes with 2 pliers, 3 rails, 1 guide carriage, 3 suction cups, and a transport bag. The suction cups are for fixing the rails to the coating to be worked on.


Promote Accuracy in the Installation of Large Formats with Cortag!

The tile cutter for large formats is the ideal equipment for professionals who want to stand out in the competition. But, more importantly, for those who want to be efficient with market demands.

For this, rely on the expertise, authority, and reference of Cortag! We are leaders in the market segment of cutters for ceramic and porcelain tiles throughout Brazil.

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