Large Formats – Infinity Tile Cutter

The Large Formats – Infinity Tile Cutter is designed to meet a variety of demands for cutting large-format ceramic and porcelain tiles.


Key features:

  • Cutting capacity: up to 5/16″ thickness;
  • It has a cutting capacity of up to 134″ in length with the standard set, which can be extended with the purchase of additional rails;
  • Guide carriage with a system that allows adjustment of clearance between the bearings and the rail, ensuring a straight cut;
  • Modular rail with a length of 47,2″ | 1,2 m (excluding the guide pin);
  • Use pliers to complete the separation of the tile.
  • Components: 3 rails, 1 guide carriage, 3 suction cups, 2 Infinity 0-0,31″ (0-8 mm) separating pliers and 1 carrying bag.

*We recently changed the color of the suction cup from yellow to red.


More information:

Model: 1150

Straight cut: 134″ | 3,40 m (Cutting capacity using the guides in the standard kit)

Diagonal Cutting: 95″ x 95” | 2,4 m x 2,4 m

Cutting thickness: 5/16″ | 8 mm

Quantity per package: 1

Straight Cut Measurement134”
Diagonal Cutting Measure95” x 95”
Cutting Thickness5/16”

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