Electric Wet Saw – Zapp G2 1250

The Electric Wet Saw – Zapp G2 is the new generation of benchtop cutters.

It is designed to meet a wide range of cutting needs for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, granite and natural stones, whether they have smooth, rough or relief surfaces.

It is suitable for cuts at 90° and 45° angles and for making 45° bevels.

Cutting capacity of up to 1.3/8″thickness.


Key features:

  • Cutting blade cooling system with a water reservoir and high-flow water pump;
  • Adjustable backrest bar for precise cuts at right angles (90°) or diagonally (45°);
  • Side limiter with angle adjustment;
  • Includes 1 ø 8″ diamond cutting blade.


The finish of the cut may vary depending on the type of material used.


More information:

Model: 1250

Straight cut: 50″ | 125 cm

Diagonal Cutting: 34.1/4″ x 34.1/4” | 87 cm x 87 cm

Cutting thickness: 1.3/8″ | 35 mm

Voltage: 110 V

Power: 1,5HP

ø Bore: 8″ / Bore 5/8″ | 200 mm / Bore 15,88 mm

Quantity per package: 1

Straight Cut Measurement50"
Diagonal Cutting Measure34.1/4" x 34.1/4"
Cutting Thickness1.3/8”
Voltage110 V
mm Disc Used8” / Bore 5/8”
Bar Code7897451416022

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