Professional Tile Cutter – TOP 62

Light, practical and highly stable!

The TOP 62 Professional Cutter has been designed to meet various cutting needs for ceramic and porcelain tiles.


Key Features:

  • Cutting capacity: up to 1/2 inches thickness;
  • Chrome-plated steel guides;
  • Side limiter for obtaining uniform measurements and precise straight and diagonal cuts;
  • Articulation system and side support for large tiles allowing the separation of pieces at any angle.


More information:

Model: 62

Cutting width: 24″ | 62 cm

Diagonal Cutting: 17” x 17” | 64 cm x 64 cm

Cutting thickness: 1/2″ | 12 mm

Quantity per package: 4

Bar Code17897451413653
Straight Cut Measurement24"
Diagonal Cutting Measure17'' x 17''
Cutting Thickness1/2"

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