Professional Tile Cutter – Mega 180 with cover bag

The MEGA Manual Cutters line has been designed to meet various cutting demands for ceramic tiles and porcelain.


Key Features:

  • Cutting capacity: up to 9/16″ thickness and 70″ length;
  • 1-ton separation force – more comfort and less effort;
  • One-touch return to the scoring position – increased productivity;
  • Sturdier guides, screwed onto the support, increasing machine rigidity;
  • Cutting wheel with Tungsten (carbide) disc and zinc-plated alloy shaft;
  • Cutting and separation on the base itself, without the need to remove the piece, and an articulation system that allows separating pieces at any angle;
  • Separation system, guide support, and backing bar in injected aluminum;
  • Greater accessibility in wheel replacement;
  • Aluminum side support providing greater stability when cutting large-format tiles;
  • Side limiter for precise straight and diagonal cuts;
  • Aluminum guide support;
  • Wheels and handle for easy handling and transportation of the equipment.


More information

Model: Mega 180 with cover bag

Cutting width: 70″ | 180 cm

Diagonal Cutting: 50” x 50” | 127 cm x 127 cm

Cutting thickness: 9/16″ | 15 mm

Quantity per package: 1

Straight Cut Measurement70"
Diagonal Cutting Measure50” x 50”
Cutting Thickness9/16”

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