Professional Block Cutter – Pavtek

The Professional Block Cutter Pavtek is recommended for cutting all types of blocks/pavers, marble, and granite.

Maximum cutting capacity for pieces with a height of 3.15/18″and a length of 13″.


Key Features:

  • Guillotine system that allows for quick, ergonomic, and clean work;
  • Ideal for professional use in paving squares, avenues, yards, parks etc;
  • Lever with extender to reduce applied force during cutting;
  • Screw with height adjustment for better positioning of the material to be cut;
  • Support for better equipment stability during operation;
  • Self-adjustable tray for better movement of materials to be cut;
  • Lock for mobility.


More information:

Cutting width: 13″ | 310 cm

Cutting thickness: 3.15/18″ | 100 mm

Quantity per package: 1

Straight Cut Measurement13”
Cutting Thickness3.15/18”

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